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Welcome To Lash Valley

Welcome To Lash Valley

Lash Valley is where the gurls come to get their strip lash fix! Boss Culture Lashes keep their feet on the necks of our competitors by providing high quality dependable strip lashes in a variety of lengths. We don’t play about our lashes! We know there’s no such thing as a one lash style fits all, (especially when you’re a lashoholic) that is why we strive to provide you lash variety to keep you running back. What type of lash Boss are you?


Sassy Lash Boss (16mm to 20mm)

Everyday wear comfortability. Going for a subtle fuller look? Or looking for a tiny bit of drama? The Sassy Boss lashes can achieve it. These lashes can confidently carry you from work to night cap without hesitation! They have a natural sheen and are lightweight, to give you that very natural look. You’d totally forget she’s there. Perfect for the queen who wants to make a subtle statement.



Boujie Lash Boss (20mm to 25mm)

Special occasion ready! Our Boujie lashes provide the right amount of oomph for your special event. Whether you’re going for a dramatic sexy look or a naturally fuller look you’ll find a Boujie lash style to match your fly! Get your sophisticated, sexy & chic on with these luxury lashes and command attention like the Queen that you are.


Elite Lash Boss (30mm)

Lights, camera, YOU! Our Elite lashes are the whole party! All eyes on you, as it should be! Heavy where? The lightness of the lashes makes these mink lashes every boss lady’s favorite. If you’re going for a rich exotic voluminous look, then our Elite Boss lashes are your girl. The hollow insides give them their weightless and natural look that blends perfectly with your lashes. Perfect for the queen who wants to make a loud statement each & every time!


No matter if you relate to one Lash Boss or are a combination of all three our high-end lashes will keep you a blink above the rest! Are you ready to Boss Up?


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