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We Are Boss Culture Boutique

We Are Boss Culture Boutique



Whoever said, “the hair of a woman is like her crown” was not far from the truth. Although we embody beauty from the inside out with or without our hair, our hair is the crown that adds a little bit of spark and bling to your look. Simply put it enhances your already existent beauty and skyrockets your confidence.


Welcome to Boss Culture Boutique, every woman’s safe space. It’s Boss Culture because being a boss is a lifestyle not dependent on what you have but on how you carry yourself. We are all about building a community of strong bossed-up women, not afraid to rock their crown in different forms. We cater to all women, no one is left out! Whatever your hair and lash needs are we’ve got something for you.


The butterfly is a part of our brand image because of all that it represents. They are a powerful symbol of transformation, beauty, and strength. For too long, women have been pressed down, gaged, and imprisoned by fear. We spend much of our time making sure others are okay. Afraid to glow, afraid to be herself, hiding her crown to accommodate the inferiority of others but not anymore. We are a brand that supports the takeover, the rise of the boss chic's, the Queens, and the phenomenal leaders.


We are here to beautify women by the bundle, upping your beauty game one premium lash at a time. We believe in the power of transformation, acknowledging the power of the application of a simple lash or a new hairdo to boost a woman's confidence. This is why we provide only premium quality bundles and eyelashes, products suitable for Queens and bosses.


What will you find in our store?


In our store, you'll find premium hairs and premium lashes all categorized to fit your unique needs. Our human hair and lashes are named according to boss personalities, based on the beauty and confidence we embody when we step into a room. You will find the:


  1. Sassy Boss: For the woman who’s not afraid to be expressive. She connects with her inner lioness and is not afraid to be sassy with her fashion sense. She serves attitude for fun and is not afraid to lead the pack when the opportunity arises. The sassy boss is a lover of variety and innovation, her extensions don’t stay in very long and she loves to keep the price down. For the Sassy boss we offer:

Our collection of Remy bundles; Sassy boss bundles  and Sassy boss lashes (silk more subtle lash styles) 14mm to 18mm


  1. Boujie Boss: For the attention stealer and breath taker. For the woman who effortlessly stands out in a crowd. She serves looks while simultaneously owning her ideas and working her way to the top. She is not afraid to command attention. For the Boujie Boss we offer:

Our Boujie Boss Virgin human hair extensions, premium hairs made to last. Also, our Boujie boss lashes. ( Mink ) 20mm to 25mm


  1. Elite Boss: For the fierce woman at the top. The fearless spender and proud queen. She owns the word sexy and is not afraid to walk in a lion's den. She commands kings for fun and spares no expense when it comes to self-care. It’s for the explorer, and the focused, well-versed boss, who is not afraid to stand her ground. For the Elite Boss we offer: :


Our Elite Blonde Boss bundles; Virgin human hair extensions that can be dyed any color of your choice. Wanna find out if blondes really have more fun? Also our Elite Boss Lashes, ( Mink ) 25mm to 30mm


It’s time to boss up and take over! We are ready the question is are you? Visit our shop section for your chance to level up!

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